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Greengauge Punch Mat

Greengauge Punch Mat

The Greengauge Punch short mat is a medium paced mat which is the most popular for Short Mat bowlers.Designed in 2012 it comes in one piece with no joins and is constructed in such a way to maximise the longevity of the mat.

The Surface displays excellent bowling characteristics and we believe will become the market leading surface for Short Mat in the years to come. The Greengauge Punch delivers on all fronts.

Greengauge International

Greengauge International Mat Green

Fast Paced mat manufactured from a mix of polyester and olypropylene. Also includes waffle rubber backing to provide a resilient non slip backing to the mat. Available in 45 x 6ft in Light Green

Greengauge Tour Mat


Greengauge asked members of the Short Mat Players Tour what they looked for in terms of the performance of a Championship level Short Mat. With 70 years competing experience in their management team it came down to speed, consistency, and durability. Something that Greengauge provides with the Greengauge Tour Mat. The Tour motto is simply “Competitions for the players by the players” with Greengauge employing three World Champion bowlers the motto for this newly designed mat could easily be ‘Short mat surfaces for the players by the players’.

Greengauge and Henselite are pleased to announce a four year sponsorship with the Tour and are pleased to be the supplier of 16 mats for all events commencing in August 2013. The Greengauge Tour mat is a medium/fast paced mat which is popular for Short Mat bowlers.

The Tour Mat has been constructed with a needle punched top surface and has a light weight foam backing which is very consistent in its thickness and density.

Available in 30ft or 45ft x 6ft in green other colours are available at a premium. Also available in larger length sizes, and up to 4 meters in width. Please contact our sales team if this is of interest.

Wooden Fenders


Pair 6ft wooden fenders u0026amp; Wooden Centre Block

Wooden Centre Block

Wooden Centre Block

Wooden Centre Block


 Carpet Marking TapeCarpet-Marking-Tape



50mmx 12mm of white tape per roll

Carpet Carry/Storage Bag


Carry storage bag for various sized carpets