Club Equipment

Bowls Equipment

Metal Score Board

 Henselite Deluxe Metal Frame Scoreboard

Metal framed double sided scoreboard designed to be read from both sides. Free standing unit and wind resistant

Lawn Bowls Lifter

Bowl & Jack Pick-Up

Labour saving device that allows the picking up of both bowls and jacks without the need for bending

Bowls Gatherer

Bowls Gatherer

 Easy to use, time ans labour saving device for outdoor use

Henselite Standard Delivery Mat

Henselite Rubber Delivery Mats

Available in Black or white
Henselite Heavy Duty Non-Slip Delivery MatHenselite Non Slip Heavy Duty Delivery Mat Non Slip surface ensures bowler safety and protection.Available in white only
Henselite Lawn JackHenselite Lawn (Outdoor) Jacks  We offer both white and yellow jacks for outdoor play.
Henselite Heavyweight JackHenselite Heavyweight (Indoor) Jacks We offer both white and yellow jacks for outdoor play.
 Henselite Heavyweight JackExtra Heavyweight Yellow Jack 32oz yellow jack ideal for short mat play.
Henselite Crown Green JackHenselite Crown Green Jacks We manufacture our standard jacks to comply with the laws od the crown green game. Available in black or yellow
Henselite Competition Draw SheetHenselite Competition Sheet (64 draw) 64 games to ensure well co-ordinated tournaments. 25 sheets per pack.
Rink Balloting DiscsRink balloting discs (8 rinks) Rink and position discs, 8 discs
Umpire Bowls WedgesBowls Wedges 4 wedges in a pack this is a useful accessory for bowlersand umpires

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